Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Will Muscovado Sugar Take Off?

I've seen this nicely packed sugar in several stores and it looks like it's getting some attention from consumers. The price is too high though.

I don't know why they've priced this product at this point but haven't really marketed it as something better (no chemicals, organic?, etc.). For ordinary people like me, picking up the regular repinado (refined sugar) will do.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Life Is Hard

An advantage of living in a province is the availability of root crops and leafy vegetables that you can have for free if you just work hard. That negates the difficulty of finding a regular good paying job.

My job now is finding a job. I'm sure something will come up soon.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Antique According to Lakbay.net

This is the original link to Lakbay.net.


The province of Antique is a long, sea-horsed shaped land along the west coast of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region. Its capital is San Jose de Buenavista. The province is ideal for shell hunting, snorkeling, scuba diving, and white water kayaking. It is also known for its loom-woven fabrics, pottery, and handicrafts. Cuyo East Pass is reportedly the richest fishing grounds in the country.


AIR (Manila-Iloilo) PAL, Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific SEA (Manila-Iloilo) WG& A Superferry LAND (Iloilo-San Jose de Buenavista) bus


Old Hispano-Filipino Church (Anini-y)
A massive white coral building built by the Augustinian friars during the Spanish colonial period. It is one of the oldest landmarks in Antique.

EBJ Freedom Park
A park dedicated to slain governor Evelio Javier. There is a marker here which marks the spot where the late governor was first shot in February 1986.

Old Watchtower (Libertad)
Served as a lookout for natives of approaching pirates

Malandog Marker (Hamtic)
The landing site of the first Malayan settlers in 1212

Telegrafo Hill Boundary
A Japanese stronghold during World War II. It offers a commanding view of San Jose

Nogas Island (Anini-y)
A 26-hectare naval reservation island with a lighthouse and a white sand beach. It also has excellent diving areas.

Pula Waterfalls (San Remigio)
Has a red tinted cascade

Hurao-Hurao Island (Anini-y)
An island with an abundance of sea shells; Ideal for picnicking

Cresta De Gallo (Anini-y)
A denuded mountain of solid rock with three peaks resembling a cock's comb. This mountain is reportedly rich in mineral deposits. There are scenic beaches to be found at its foot.

Mt. Madia-As (Culasi)
You will find here rare orchids, wild deer and boar, an-almost extinct species of cloud rats, a bonsai forest, and a lagoon. It has 14 waterfalls around its base.

Kalamasag Falls
A 100-foot waterfall which is one of the most beautiful in Panay.

Sibaye Island (Caluya)
Where the first radar station in Panay was installed.

Igpasungaw Falls (Sebaste)
Has a natural swimming pool

Sira-An Hot Springs
A hot sulphur spring with nipa cottages in the area

Camp Autajay
A 10-hectare land located along the beach, where you will find a narra and mahogany orchard, nipa sheds, and cottages. The place is ideal for camping and swimming.

Estaca Hill (Bugasong)
Once used as a watchtower to warn the people of the Muslim pirates. It gives a commanding view of the sea and the hills.

Danao Lake (San Remigio)
A 1-hectare lake located in the high mountains of San Remigio. There is a jungle nearby with monkeys and wild chicken, making it an ideal place for hunters.

Bacalbag Waterfalls (Barbaza)
A waterfall 50 feet high, where you will find unexplored caves

Batabat Coral Reef (Barbaza)
A reef located 1-kilometer offshore with a 1 �-hectare coral of varied colors.

Bato Cueva (San Remigio)
Located on a hilltop, where you can see Mt. Madia-as on a clear day

Mararison Island (Culasi)
An inhabited island with a long stretch of white sand beach and two 100-foot long caves. You will find here the "pitcher plant," a rare species of plant shaped like a pitcher. The beach here is not suitable for swimming.

Batbatan Island (near Mararison Island)
An island with white sand beaches and ideal for scuba divers

Snow White Beach (Pandan)
A white sand beach with crystal clear water

Marble Mountain (Pandan)
The marble here is expected to last a thousand years

Duyong Beach
A white sand beach overlooking the Marble Mountains. Ideal for swimming

Sto. Ni�o Church (Hamtic)
A church atop an elevation, where you will find a convent and a bell tower above it.

Liberty Park (Mt. Agongon)
A camp area for boy and girl scouts that gives a view of Liberty town

La Granja Hill (San Jose)
A sports complex which is the site of the yearly Binirayan Festival.

Binirayan Festival (San Jose) - May 1
A celebration of the famous barter of Panay between the Bornean datus and the indigenous Negritos. It also commemorates the landing of the ten Malay datus in Malandag, Hamtic, Antique, in the middle of the 13th century to set up the first Malayan settlement or barangay in the country. The highlight of the event is the parade of boats from San Jose to Malandag, where the barter is re-enacted.

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Ro-Ro is a Boon to Antique

The Ro-ro (Roll-in Roll-out) mode of transportation serves Antique very well. It gives people in our province a cheap mode of transportation to almost anywhere in the Philippines and thus enables us to move people and goods efficiently.

I would prefer to have Trains and Planes ply Antique routes too but it looks like the consumer base for these modes of transportation is not yet big enough to support them. Maybe in 10 years time?