Saturday, September 29, 2007

Antique Airport

I was proud when the Evelio Javier Airport of Antique was finally openned and the small airline Asian Spirit started to serve my town and all of the province. Now this very laudable project will once again go to disrepair and finally break down again as it is starting to happen. The Spirit has long been gone, business was never good.

Parts of the concrete wall has already gone down and serves townmates who want to cross the runway. It's to their advantage because they save time. Good for them there are no more flights and their pet goats, cows, and carabaos can again graze on the lush grass.

So what else is new in my hometown? None I guess, everything including the good ones (projects) manage to die.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Recollection on Evelio Javier

Evelio Javier died a long time ago, gunned down with a hail of bullets while hiding in a small and smelly pissing room of a bus station. The case against the killers has whimpered I guess, and the masterminds are still scot free (or have been set free?). Who would know what really happened?

I grew up with Giddy (Gideon) as a friend, but of course we've gone on separate paths. David was so small he wasn't part of our small group. I can still remember how Giddy punched another neighbor friend in the solar plexus and how he turned white when the friend looked like he was going to die!

Precious Javier was a lovely lady who everybody in the neighborhood liked. I remember her as an ever-smiling woman. I have always wondered why she didn't look afraid looking at Giddy whizzing down the hill in a foot-pedaled scooter beside their house.

I'm getting sidetracked here though...

I was reading the suggestion of Exequiel Javier to the Rebels to take advantage of an amnesty offered (to be offered, as not yet approved by congress) by the government and I remembered a time when our carabao (water buffalo) got lost and we have to scour all the fields and hills in Bagumbayan, San Jose, Antique for it. I know we found the animal of burden but we also saw our well-loved governor then, Evelio Javier, talking with some people unfamiliar to us. The barangay was so small that everybody knew everybody, but those people he was with were not locals.

When we were moving away from the area somebody mentioned that the men were "taga-babaw" meaning from-above, a description for the NPA rebels. I didn't really think much of that encounter just that the governor was unafraid to deal with the rebels.

I can't remember now how long ago that was, and the problem still exists! What possible could solve a problem such as the NPA rebellion? I'm just an ordinary man and I can't offer solutions...

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

White Water Rafting in Tibiao

I'm ashamed to say that I'm one of those Pinoys who have seen other countries already yet haven't seen my own. Of course there are some convenient reasons, like what is there to see?

In my own province, there is something very interesting and many say exciting place to see! That is Tibiao, now famous for white water rafting/kayaking. The Tibiao river they say is a good one.

Tick. One more place marked to go to when circumstances allow!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Unique weddings at Panglao Islet

Shamelessly picked without permission from


FRONTING the bungalow we chose at Panglao Nature Resort is the wedding site, the Panglao Islet, Bohol. It is a small island connected to Panglao Beach Resort and can be reached by a narrow cemented path during low tide (early mornings) but with a banca ride at high tide, usually after 5 p.m.

At night, multi-colored lights beautifully decorate the islet, perfectly fit for any fabulous wedding. For two nights' stay at our bungalow, I took pictures as I witnessed the wedding ceremonies even at a far distance. Melodious music could be heard. I talked with the hotel PIO manager trainee. He informed me that for a
formal wedding, if the bride and groom have 40 guests, they pay P40,000 - that excludes the priest's charges, etc.

How wonderful could it be to be wedded in this wedding islet. For Dad and me, we got no more chance. We had already reaffirmed our marriage during our 50th wedding anniversary at Punta Villa last March 31, 2007.


Ah, the Island Life! Panglao, though luxurious, is the best escape to a slice of paradise for one who would experience Bohol's celebrated sights and sounds. Here, one can invigorate his senses, what with lush tropical landscapes, embraced by clear, turquoise waters and dazzling white-sand beaches. Here, we are reminded of our Boracay. Guests and tourists could indulge themselves and relax in world-class amenities while they pamper themselves with a warmth that is classic Boholano.

Indeed, Bohol stands out as a tropical sanctuary of natural beauty. Here, one can experience all the beauty that the province can offer - from the Chocolate Hills, tarsiers (smallest monkey in the world), the fast-growing python, historical shrine depicting the blood compact between Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi; old churches, sun-kissed hills to underwater wonders to exotic wild life.

The fascinating boat rides along the palm-fringed banks of Lococ River (the setting of Cesar Montano's movie Panaghoy sa Suba) are best entertainment by themselves. Singers and local dancers along the river station themselves to entertain the tourists who voluntarily give their donations.

On the hired boats, there are blind pianists and singers to fill the hearts of their guests with native songs typically Filipino.

Two days before our trip to Panglao, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo presided over a symbolic switch-on ceremony in a nipa hut in Purok 3, Brgy. Tawala, Panglao to give more light to Bohol as part of her energization target. Panglao, though, has been enjoying electricity since 2000.

Have money. Travel and be captivated by Bohol's natural wonders. See this tropical paradise, invigorate your senses while you enjoy your break from boredom.

I'm glad that Vicky; my father's elder sister, have money and can travel!

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Oil in Antique!

There's oil in Antique and the national government has already signed agreements with Petronas; the Malaysian oil company (owner of the world famous Petronas Towers), to explore for oil near the town of Culasi.

The hope is for a lot of the black gold underground. It can be that the oil deposit down there is not large enough for a commercial operation. It is encouraging though that a big oil company is willing to risk some money to do the exploration.

If the oil is good, then Culasi will be in for a huge windfall! Forty percent of the Philippine share goes to the local government (how much for each? I don't know. The Province, town and barangay will share.

The problem though is the risk of an environmental disaster. The local fishermen and seaweed farmers are also affected. Personally, I think that betting on the oil is better than not drilling at all! The benefit of oil is just better than seaweed farming and fishing, way lot better.

Here's to a good oil harvest in Culasi! (If I have money, I'll buy some big lots in that town...)

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Illegal Drugs Are Here Too

From rugby to shabu, San Jose, Antique have them too! Recently, police operatives caught Felipe Juala red handed. He sold a sachet of shabu to a police operative! Well, it was buybust operation. I just hope that it was done and documented properly because people like Felipe will try to wiggle out of this mess.

Juala's attorney, Arturo Pacificador, actually claimed that the sachet of shabu taken from Felipe was planted!

Shabu trade is quite lucrative. Pushers earn a lot of money quickly. Sometimes they themselves are users and need the extra income to support the habit. It is quite harmful to users though. This blight must be stopped. I commend the San Jose police for a job well done.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tricycles: Boon or Bane?

The streets of San Jose, Antique during rush hours on working days (yes it's in this town too!) look like a smoke-filled parking area. Not of cars, but of tricyles (a two-wheeled motorbike fitted with a contraption (called a sidecar) to ferry passengers. In Antique, the typical tricycle is the "duplex" type where up to three passengers can sit in front and another three at the back. It makes for a heavy ride, but more passengers mean more income!

The problem with tricycles though is the uncontrolled number of units that clog the streets and decrease the amount of income a tricycle driver can get due to stiff competition. No new roads are being added but how many new tricycles are born every week? I'll guess around five or ten. That's one tricycle born everyday!

There are not a lot of jobs created in a province and there's a lot of guys without jobs. Once a family member gets the opportunity to earn some money (mostly from abroad), the first business given to an unemployed male relative is, what else but a tricycle! The common reasoning is that the income earned comes in daily. So there, I guess there will be no end to new tricyles in my town.

Unless of course the town officials will learn how to control the number of these rigs. So how about it Mayor Molina? Why not lessen the number of tricycles in San Jose? Let's see what you can do...

Sunday, September 2, 2007


What can a provincial guy offer? Well, musings and ideas are not stuff for city guys only so I must have stuff to write and share too.

I am interested in my ideas, and ideas have a life of their own. I'll plant mine, and let them grow. My blogging is an exercise of experimentation!